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Öhman, Sven
The essence of Language a Philosophical Problem
Why Noam Chomsky was never a linguist
Mjukband | 96 sidor | Tryckår: 2007 
ISBN: 978-91-578-0495-2
Pris: 100 Kr. Köp
Lagerstatus: Finns i lager
Humanistic language study in Western Europe has traditions
that reach back to early Antiquity and onward to Imperial Rome. Post-Roman Humanistic language study works with quite a simple theory. It regards a language as a script in which the utterances of speech may be adequately represented in the sense that a reader can reproduce the spoken utterance from its script representation. Pursuing in a critical review Chomsky’s own account in his recent, New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind, Cambridge UP 2002 of the development of his thinking on language from the start in the 1960’s this booklet points out the most glaring ways in which Chomsky’s linguistics breaks with traditional European language study. From the very beginning, Chomsky set out to rewrite English grammar as a mathematical theory of the kind used in the natural sciences to summarize in compact form the laws of nature that a certain class of natural phenomena can be assumed to obey. What sets this approach completely at odds with the traditional conception is the idea of treating the “data” of linguistic expression as directly comparable with the data of physics, obtained by objective measurement and calculation. The approach misses the fundamental distinction between the essential value nature of a grammaticality judgment, and the objective observation of facts of nature.


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